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Hearing Help Essex has been committed to reducing the isolation experienced by people living with hearing loss in Essex for over 30 years.

Whilst our face to face work is currently paused, we have taken almost 1000 enquiries for support over the last 4 weeks by phone, text message, email, social media, and webchat.

Please donate today and help us to change a life in your community.
Our work is more important now than ever before.

Hearing Help Essex have launched this emergency fundraising appeal to ensure our survival.

As a small, local charity, donations at our sessions and talks are relied upon to enable us to provide our services, and to continue our essential work. With this loss in income, we are urgently seeking your support to safeguard our work.

During this pandemic many people will have no family living close by, limited or no access to online support, and their hearing loss will further compound their isolation.

Imagine not being able to use the telephone to call out for help, or not being able to hear the radio or television, often their only source of company and information.

We’re working tirelessly to provide support to those most in need, but we need help from the people of Essex to enable us to continue our work. Enquiries to our services have increased by over 60% in just three weeks and we expect this demand to increase further as the Coronavirus crisis continues.

The need is great, and as we see a significant downturn in income, urgent donations are crucial for us to be able to survive both during, and after this challenging time.

Information, Advice, and Guidance Service
Our free and confidential Information, Advice, and Guidance service provides a lifeline to those living with hearing loss, carers, concerned relatives, and neighbours. Our team can help people to navigate some of the hurdles that arise as a result of the deterioration, or loss of hearing. They are experts in giving the support needed, as well as providing signposting and support to access services that can help with a variety of urgent needs such as hearing aid batteries, prescriptions, care needs, etc

Whilst there has been a surge in local support available, often it is only accessible via telephone or social media – two communication channels which can be difficult or impossible to access if you have a hearing loss. Hearing Help Essex are therefore acting as a front door to these services, taking enquiries by text message, email, live webchat, and via social media channels and then referring on to the most local and appropriate service.

Reducing Isolation
This free service reaches the most vulnerable and helps alleviate social isolation and loneliness and is especially valuable at this difficult time.

This week we have been able to help a severely deaf 92 year old lady who lives alone. She had lost her hearing aids, and due to lockdown, is unable to get them replaced. She has spent several weeks getting increasingly frustrated and upset as she is unable to communicate with her carers, or listen to her television or radio, her only company for most of the day. Hearing Help Essex were able to safely deliver a personal amplifier with headphones which will help her to hear whilst she waits for an appointment with her Audiologist when lockdown is lifted. This is on free loan from Hearing Help Essex.

With over 300,000 people living in Essex with hearing loss, we are the only local charity who provide specialist local support.
Our ask is simple – please donate whatever you can to make sure that people isolated by their hearing loss in our communities continue to be supported by our work.

Our future can be safeguarded by your generosity. 

Link to special appeal: